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Warning Signs That Your Hot Tub Needs Servicing

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  • 20-06-2023
Warning Signs That Your Hot Tub Needs Servicing

This article looks at warning signs that your hot tub needs servicing. The Hot Tub Engineer provide hot tub maintenance throughout Maidstone and Kent. Find out more about the signs that you need hot tub maintenance or repair. 

Signs You Need Hot Tub Maintenance or Repair

Like anything else, your hot tub needs maintenance to last as long as possible. Regular hot tub maintenance can assist you in spotting minor issues as they appear and resolving them before they worsen. Since all the parts will be operating correctly, your hot tub's lifespan will be increased.

Along with ensuring that your hot tub operates, regular maintenance also guarantees your health and safety. You wouldn't want your hot tub to cause skin rashes and other health issues. Typical signs that your hot tub needs fixing are dirty water, algae and foul odours.

Hot Tub Water Odour

If you carry out your weekly water maintenance procedures and your hot tub still emits a foul odour, there may be a serious issue. It's okay to occasionally catch a whiff of a chemical odour due to the cleaning supplies utilised.

However, no offensive scent should ever be released by your hot tub. The water isn't circulating correctly or the water is contaminated if there is a foul odour. In your hot tub, a blocked filter, pump, or drain are frequently the cause of poor circulation. Calling in experts for an evaluation is always preferable to attempting to guess the problem and coming up empty-handed.

Warning Signs That Your Hot Tub Needs Servicing - Hot Tub Maintenance Maidstone, Kent

Cold Water

One of the many things that makes utilising a hot tub so delightful is hot water. You may have an issue on your hands if the water doesn't stay hot or can't generally warm up. Give the system between 12 and 24 hours to adjust after changing the hot tub's temperature.

There can be a problem with your heating system, circulation system, or some internal fault if the temperature in your hot tub won't regulate. In this situation, an inspection of your hot tub is needed. This is to guarantee that the proper hot tub repair is carried out.

Faulty Jets

The majority of issues with faulty jets are frequently minor and easy to resolve. If you notice that your jets are weaker than usual or aren't working at all, start by checking the water levels.

The effectiveness of your jets may be compromised if the water level isn't high enough. Make sure to check that the hot tub's bottom drain is entirely covered and not leaking any water. If neither of these causes is the issue, debris or calcium accumulation may be to blame for the blocked jets.

A thorough cleaning should be performed to return them to their original state. If despite all of this, your jets continue to malfunction, your hot tub filter may be to blame. If your filter has to be changed, switching to a new one should solve the problem.

If the replacement is not yet due, you may alternatively give it a good clean and put it back in. If the jets are still malfunctioning, call an expert to examine the hot tub's plumbing.

This includes the hot tub's pump, valves, and control panel. It's understandable how unpleasant it might be to expect a jet massage, only to receive an underwhelming spray. However, a professional's touch will resolve the issue and get your hot tub functioning properly.

Dirty Water

Use your hot tub after treating the water if the tub's water is hazy or frothy. Even while the jets are operating, the water in your bathtub should always be clear and clean; if it's not, water care items may need to be added.

No matter how much shock you apply, if the water in your tub won't clear, your hot tub likely requires some more care. If draining the water and rinsing your filter doesn't solve the problem, it's time to bring in the professionals for a consultation.

There's a good possibility it's not just a food colouring accident if your water is green or black. Instead, discoloured water typically indicates equipment deterioration, algal development, or a chemical imbalance.

If it's only a basic imbalance, adding the appropriate substances to achieve a pH of 7.4 to 7.6 will solve the problem. Similarly, if the algae hasn't penetrated too far into the hot tub, using an algaecide can solve the issue.

You might use a scale and stain hot tub cleaning solution to prevent equipment erosion. To be sure that the inside of your hot tub is clean and the issue isn't more serious, you should arrange a professional inspection.

Dirty Water - Warning Signs That Your Hot Tub Needs Servicing

Dirty Water

Water Leaks - Warning Signs That Your Hot Tub Needs Servicing

Water Leaks

Water Leaks

Your hot tub has a leak if you see water lying about it or if the water level seems low. A fracture or hole in the tub itself or in the piping might result in leaks. In either case, trying to solve this problem on your own is a bad idea. The best method to guarantee the leak is addressed correctly is to hire a professional.


If your hot tub is outdoors, the presence of algae will be indicated by murky or greenish water. Algae growth is accelerated by sunlight, especially if your outdoor tub is uncovered. Your hot tub's water may be green and murky as a result of many types of pollution, but you may cure this by sanitising or balancing the water.

After some time, if the water still doesn't clear up, there can be pipe corrosion or mould development in your jets. Each of these concerns may be handled by a hot tub expert to prevent health hazards from developing.

Mould Or Mildew

In your hot tub, mould and mildew are fungi that might appear as white slime floating on top of the water or as white or black spots on the walls of the tub. Compared to mildew, which can be removed, mould is a far more serious problem.

If you see mildew on the walls of your hot tub, drain the water and clean the walls using a hot tub cleaner. However, besides the shell or hot tub cover, your hot tub's filter, jets, or pipes can also develop mould. It's time to bring in a professional to assess the extent of the issue if you think your tub may have mould. A professional should tackle the clean-up if mould has settled in your pipes or jets.

TEMPERATURE CHANGES - Warning Signs That Your Hot Tub Needs Servicing - Hot Tub Maintenance Maidstone, Kent

Temperature Changes

Nothing is more upsetting than turning on your hot tub expecting a pleasant hot soak and finding the water is just lukewarm. If the water in your hot tub isn't warming up or if the temperature drops even after you set it, you should get it checked out.

The heater or control panel is most likely to be at fault while your hot tub is not in use. If you utilise your hot tub cover properly and it fits snugly. Temperature issues can be difficult to fix, so you should see a professional.

Control Panel Error Codes

If you want to bathe in your hot tub but the control panel is flashing error messages at you, there's a problem. The pressure switch or circulation pump may not be operating at its best, which would explain the error codes. Even something as basic as your filter needing replacement might be the cause.

Don't attempt to handle these problems yourself if you are not an electrical expert. In the end, you could cause more harm than good.

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