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Come to The Hot Tub Engineer if you want your pool to be sparkling clean and ready to use all year round. No one enjoys the cleaning and maintenance parts of owning a swimming pool, so allow our professionals to take care of it all for you. 

I offer a wide range of pool services that promise a clean and efficiently running hot tub unit all year round. I have the skills to take care of everything from maintenance to the installation of underwater LED lights. I am your one-stop shop for pool services.

Swift and professional service

Pool Maintenance & Repairs

I am an experienced swimming pool service and maintenance engineer based in Kent, able to help both domestic and commercial clients. Our maintenance service includes testing the water chemistry, cleaning the trap baskets, vacuuming, skimming and brushing the pool's shell, and more. 

If you are having regular issues with your pool, then I can be there to repair it as soon as possible. No matter the problem at hand, my wealth of experience will help find a solution that suits you.

Swimming Pool Services We Offer

If you aren't looking forward to the cleaning and maintenance part of pool ownership, then feel free to pass the responsibility to me. I have a passion for looking after pools and spas and will ensure that your unit is clean and functioning after my work is done. 

I am fully trained and insured, so no matter the service, it will always be provided skilfully and professionally. If you want to know more about the services I provide, get in touch. I would love to speak with you and discuss your requirements.

Pool and Spa Installations

Pool and Spa Maintenance

Pool and Spa Servicing

Pool and Spa Repairs

Pool and Spa Cleaning

Appliance and chemical testing

Automatic Cover Maintenance

Electrical Services

Pool Pumps Maintenance

Domestic and Commercial Work

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Maintenance for Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs

Maintenance doesn't have to be stressful. Contact The Hot Tub Engineer, and I will work hard to ensure your swimming pool, spa, or hot tub is clean and running efficiently. 

Maintenance is also a great opportunity for an expert like me to find any small issues that might grow into costly repairs or replacements in the future. I can fix any minor issues to make sure that your system doesn't suffer from future faults.


Does Your Swimming Pool Need Repair

No system runs perfectly forever. Eventually, some issues will occur one way or another. There is no need to worry though. 

Call {comapny_name}, and I will do my utmost to fix your pool in no time. It doesn't matter whether your pool's pump motor has stopped working or the siding on your pool is starting to flake. 

Whatever the issue may be, I will have a solution for you, along with any prevention techniques to use in the future. 

You can always rely on {comapny_name} to get the issue sorted as soon as possible and get your pool back to perfect condition. That way, you can go back to having fun and relaxing in the water.

Kent Pool and Spa Experts

{comapny_name} has gained a fantastic reputation in and around Kent for one specific reason; the quality of our services. After working on pools and spas for many years, I have an extensive knowledge of all the internal components and mechanisms, especially those involved in the major brands.

If you are experiencing some kind of issue with your pool or spa, then you have come to the right place. I can ensure that your problem is solved as quickly as possible at an incredibly reasonable price. 

There is no job too big or too small for me, so whether there is a major malfunction with your unit or a minor fault, I will be there to fix it for you.

Our Services

Hot Tub Maintenance Maidstone, Kent

Hot Tub Maintenance

I can take all the stress and hassle out of owning a hot tub. My cleaning and maintenance packages are highly affordable and will leave you with a perfectly running system you can use all year round.

Hot Tub Relocation Maidstone, Kent

Hot Tub Relocation

I also specialise in the relocation and removal of hot tubs. I am fully insured and offer highly cost-effective prices, so the relocation process is as stress-free as possible for you.

Swimming Pool Repairs Maidstone, Kent

Swimming Pool Repairs

I can help with all swim spa and swimming pool repair services. Allow me to fix any issues you might be having with your system so that you can relax and enjoy your spa or pool for longer.